Karlovassi, Samos island

Astir Hotel is close to the city centre as well as to the harbor, ideally located just 200m from the coast of Messaio Karlovassi, on the north side of Samos. Besides the coast other local attractions are near by, such as the old tanneries and the Tannery Museum. Just a short distance walk is the centre of Karlovassi with its many places of interest, including the neoclassical buildings of the Aegean University Mathematical department, the Town Hall, the Elementary School, the Cathedral, the Folklore Museum and also the market and the local bus Terminal -so you can choose a route to every corner of the island. In the evenings visit the Old Karlovassi hill, walk on the tiny streets of this monument of life, enjoy the view of the town and the beauty of the sunset into the Aegean sea.

Beyond the harbor, the road leads to Potami. A beautiful location with lush vegetation and one of the most attractive beaches to swim, or take a walk at the waterfalls nearby. Heading west, a rough road brings you to the quiet beaches of Mikro and Megalo Seitani. The whole area extending from Potami to Seitani is a vast Ecological Park. The wild beauty of these virgin terrains is the perfect destination for those who love nature and hiking.

As a centre of trading, and therefore a place to exchange not only goods but also ideas, Samos was the home of many great men of the ancient times. Home of astronomer Aristarchus (the first to say that "Earth revolves around the Sun, and not the opposite" - a revolutionary idea at a time when Earth was considered the center of the Universe), philosopher Epicures (who talked about the meaning of "living" and not just "surviving" in our lifetime) and, of course, the influential philosopher Pythagoras the Samian (well known for his mathematical achievements that were trying to define the natural world's harmony).

Not only History but Nature too, has been generous to Samos: wild plantation and rare flowers - such as wild orchids -, in a variety you can’t find in other islands. And that nature combined with the epicurean spirit of "good life", comes with a product very well know: the Samos wine - and specially the sweet one - which gives reputation to Samos, around the world.

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